Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Life Lately

Here is a glimpse into our life lately…

Nik was out of town Friday night and Saturday.
While I was trying to entertain my two boys Jaxen decided we needed to build a fort…
can you spot him?

The fort worked pretty well,
except every time Zane touched a blanket the whole thing would fall down
and Jaxen kept messing it up when he would crawl in and out.
So - basically, it was a disaster :)

Saturday morning Jaxen wanted to build a fort again and
that is when I texted Nik “where is a tent?”

Not long after - we had a tent all setup in our house!

Jaxen (and Zane) had a great time playing in it!

Anytime I have both boys by myself - I always suggest a bath!
Both boys love it, they are contained for a few minutes (Jaxen, sometimes up to an hour),
and they get clean. Win.

Zane discovered putting his face on the door.
It was hilarious!

And here is my cutie-pie drinking water from a bottle (finally holding it by himself)
because I lost his sippy cup. His one and only sippy cup. 

Since then I have purchased another one. 
I despise sippy cups, and will purchase one at a time until they past my test of 
being a good sippy cup or not.

Nik returned home that evening,
we had delicious Chinese food for dinner and then Nik kindly
moved the tent from downstairs to upstairs so Jaxen could sleep in it!

I snuck in after Jaxen fell asleep and took a picture.
He is so small and so big and so cute and some days I want time to stand still.

Zane has discovered that under our kitchen table is a whole new play land (and teething area)!
We have had to rescue him from getting stuck more than once.

And we got snow today!
It was beautiful and it put a smile on my face.
That is how I know I love living in the north, I love winter and snow :)

Nik has a lot of meetings this week...I have a lot of appointments this week…
and I’m trying really hard to not order Chinese food for lunch every day this week.
Leftovers it is.

But I did make something yummy the other day…
Leftover BBQ Chicken, in a quesadilla. Yum!

One more thing…
I had a meeting today about the Occupational and Speech therapies that Jaxen is receiving.
The conclusion: Jaxen will no longer receive Occupational Therapy.
He will still receive Speech Therapy 3 times a week, through the school year.
I feel good about the decisions made and am thankful
that he has progressed so much!

I think that is all.
For now.
Have a happy week!

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