Friday, January 6, 2017

One Week In

We are one week into the New Year and I am forever trying to catch up on laundry…but I did sweep and mop all my floors this morning while Zane napped!!! So I feel accomplished :)

That little guy is getting bigger and bigger by the minute, it feels like. He has been feeling a bit off the past week so I finally called the doctor to see if we could get in. We talked about all kinds of great things... like poo poo and throw-up and rashes and later that night I even had to collect some of that poo poo and put it in 3 different plastic cups to be tested. Oh, the things you do as a mom! Nothing stuck out to the doctor as being wrong, but like I said, he has been a bit off, and has had non-stop diarrhea. Therefore, some testing of the poo poo is being done.

While at the doctor, he did get weighed and he is a whopping 18 pounds! I keep referring to him as my “18-pounder” and it makes him sound like a turkey for some reason. Haha! And for the record, because I think it’s interesting…Jaxen, at this age, weighed 21 pounds. 

Zane was pretty precious one night, wrapped up in my cozy blanket!

In other news of the New Year…my cutie husband turned 35! He took the day off and we celebrated with breakfast at our favorite diner and then went shopping for some new boots for him. No luck finding them in the stores, but I think he is planning on ordering the ones he wants online. Guess where I took him for lunch? The grocery store :) Actually, this particular store has great sushi - so it was a treat for him. 

And for dinner we headed to another favorite spot and ate wings, french fries and mozzarella sticks. Can you tell we have not started the “eat healthy after the New Year” thing?! This particular place gives you free wings (the number of your age) on your birthday. So - that was a no brainer! 35 free wings for the win! The french fries were for Jaxen (and me) and the mozzarella sticks were because they had appetizers 1/2 off, so why not, right?

Any family-outing is always an adventure these days! Zane is chewing the paper plate that we brought from home for Jaxen’s play-doh. Doesn’t everyone do that?! This was probably the calmest of the evening…but it was fun celebrating our favorite guy!

These two kiddos sure do love their daddy!

 One funny thing that has been happening most nights since Christmas is this...

See the Starburst outside of Jaxen’s room, on the floor? He has some candy leftover from his Christmas stocking that is in his room. And every night, he lays one piece of candy outside his door so he will remember that he wants to eat it the following day. Sometimes he puts it in his lunch and sometimes he just eats it after school. I think this is hilarious and something I want to remember. Do you think people might just smile a bit more if everyone had a piece of candy waiting for them when they woke up? :)

We have also had fun with this box that we poked holes in and strung Christmas lights through. It’s the small things. And I’m trying to do more of the small things to make fun moments and happy  memories for my kiddos.

Today, Jaxen and I crafted after school. We painted a piece of paper and then glued marsh mellows on it to make it look like a snowman. Jaxen, of course, was more interested in eating the marsh mellows!

Once he discovered there was glue - he was all about that! He gave me strict instructions to place things where he was putting the glue. I tried to follow his instructions.

And here is the finished products (sideways)! The red dot in the middle circle is the snowman’s heart. Precious, right?!

And the boys are having all kinds of fun playing with their new toys. Tonight Jaxen and Zane were “racing” with Zane’s walkers. Jaxen kept winning - and making sure Zane knew it! Haha!

Well, that’s a little bit of our life this week. No big weekend plans…but we are getting excited to travel south this next week!

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