Monday, January 9, 2017

Weekend Recap

Saturday morning started a bit late and lazy but ended with a friend from Jaxen’s school coming over to play! It was a short and sweet play date…just the way they are meant to be. Long enough to have fun, but short enough they don’t start fighting!

That afternoon we ran to a store about an hour away to pick up Nik’s birthday gift - boots! While there (since we drove an hour, and all) we looked around and had a bit of fun.

My two kids looked like this, the majority of our time there…

And I pretty much could not get over how adorable Zane looked in this hat!

 So we bought it for him! He will get a good 3-4 more months out of it.

 On the way home, we saw the best sunset. So pretty.

We ended the day with friends over to help us eat a huge roast I had cooking in the crockpot. We stayed up too late talking, but it was really fun!

Sunday we went to church; Nik had meeting afterward and then he took Jaxen to the movies. While they were gone, I got Zane down for a nap and napped myself! I fixed a quick dinner; gave the boys a bath; put Jaxen to bed and then when Nik got home, we settled in to watch the Golden Globes. I’m pretty sure we could have found something better to watch - haha! 

Currently - all the laundry is done, we are 1/2 packed for our trip, and the dinner plan is to eat leftovers. This time tomorrow we will be in an airplane!

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