Sunday, January 22, 2017

Our Time in NM

I have been having some blogger issues - so sorry for the delay in my posts!

But here is the recap of our visit to NM…

We left on a Tuesday afternoon (I think our first flight was 3pm)
and I decided that I don’t like flying that late.
Yes, it was nice to not rush around that morning…
but it made for a really hard day for my kiddos.

The first flight consisted of a blowout diaper; no changing table in the restroom;
and a plane that was so hot - Zane ended up in just a diaper to keep him cool.

This picture was taken on our 2nd flight (I think).
After this cute picture of our family - things went downhill!
Jaxen had been up since 6am and had yet to take a nap; and Zane was having a hard time napping.
Let’s just say we had a few meltdowns!

Our last flight was much better and we made it safe and sound 
around 11pm (NM time) / 1am (NY time).

Look how gorgeous the weather was on Wednesday...
I could not believe how hot it was!
That was the warmest day there. 
The rest of the week the weather was cooler, but still pretty nice.

Nik and Jaxen took advantage of the warm day with 
time at a few parks!

I hung out with my mom and mamaw!
While we were getting my mamaw's hearing aids checked I noticed this alien in the corner.
Only in Roswell, NM would there be an alien in the doctor’s office - haha!

Speaking of Mamaw - She got to meet Zane for the first time!

And Zane got to meet Lucky (which he ended up loving)!

Thursday we made a quick trip to Bonita Park.
We had a great time touring some of the new facilities and stopping for a quick pic
at the prayer pond.
I love this picture of our two boys sitting next to Nik and I’s brick.
And I’m thinking I need to get a brick for Jaxen and Zane!

We did play some games while visiting…which is one of my favorite things to do!
I did not win many…but I did capture this win on my last night there!

Zane enjoyed cards as well :)

And he enjoyed exploring the house!

On our last day there, Scotty agreed to take Jaxen (and Nik) out in 
his truck for a ride. Jaxen loved it!

I enjoyed seeing my family; playing games; eating mexican food;
and visiting with friends!

It was a great trip - I just wish it was a tad longer :(

Zane was pretty clingy to me…
but I was able to snap a few cute pics of him with my family before we left.

Bebe and Zane

Pepaw Scotty and Zane

Zane and Aunt Jessie

Our trip home (the following Tuesday) was one of the best flight days we have had!
First flight, leaving Roswell, a very kind pilot asked Jaxen if he wanted to wear his hat onto the plane.
Jaxen liked it and looked so adorable!

The boys were super good on all three flights.
They played and napped really well.
Zane loved it when he got to sit in Jaxen’s seat.
(see Jaxen in the floorboard? that’s how we roll - haha!)

On our second flight, leaving Dallas, Jaxen was invited to see the cockpit 
and talk to the pilots!

And on our third flight, leaving Washing DC, he was invited into the cock pit
and they let him touch buttons and start an engine!
I couldn’t believe it - they were so sweet to him!

On our very short third and last flight home, both boys past out.
They were sleeping so good, we decided to be the very last ones off the plane,
just so they could rest a bit more.

We were home by 6pm that night and we all crashed in our beds, happy to be home!

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