Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Ending The Year With Some Fun!

We have had some fun the past week as we said goodbye to 2016…

Someone gifted us a Rice Krispies Train Set for Christmas...

Step 1: eat marshmallows
Step 2: make the rice krispies
Step 3: eat more marshmallows
Step 4: put the rice krispies in the train molds
Step 5: pull the rice krispies out and decorate
Step 6: eat and enjoy!

Nik and Jaxen also had a little fun in the snow.

What is not pictured is them working at the church shoveling snow (Jaxen loves to help)
and then Nik taking him sledding down the hill.
He loved it!

I think we have created a new tradition…Candy Cane Hide and Seek (in the dark).

 Everyone gets a headlamp or flashlight.
You turn off all the lights in the entire house.
You take turns hiding candy canes in the dark while someone else
has to find them with their flashlight!
Then, once you play 467 times you eat a candy cane!

Jaxen loves this game!

We have also had our fair share of naps.
This was my view one day….I just love napping with Jaxen!

No ‘fun’ week is complete without a little organization.
I clean and organized a few closets and Jaxen’s room.

We can’t leave Zane out of all the fun…
He has loved having his brother home everyday to play with!

And one last thing…
Our Worship Leader was so sweet to include Jaxen in the Worship Team Sunday morning.
Jaxen loves to sing and although he does not know the words,
or sings on key or keeps a beat…it brings joy to my heart
when he worships the Lord!

I really enjoyed Jaxen being home from school.
It gave us some great family time and it allowed him to catch up on some needed rest.
I also napped a few days, re-learned how to crochet and enjoyed
staying up late watching movies with Nik (and sometimes Zane - haha)!

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