Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Zane - 9 Month Well Check

Today we made a visit to Zane’s Pediatrician, whom I love by the way.

He is very healthy and growing well, although he is on the small side.

Here are his stats (at 9 months and 3 weeks):
Height: 27 in.
Weight: 18.45 lbs.
Overall, he is in the 10% group for his age.

And here is Jaxen’s (for grins) at 9 months:
Height: 28 in.
Weight 21 lbs.
Overall, he was in the 75% for his age.

Zane still only has 2 teeth…however…
his top two are going to pop through any day!
They are super swollen and you can see them - I’m hoping they just pop on through tonight.

Zane still nurses (all day. everyday) and will continue to do so until he is one.
But he loves eating food now!
I do feed him ‘baby / pureed’ foods but he is so much more interested in feeding himself.
So I try to find some soft foods that he can handle.
Yesterday, we did green beans and he loved them.
In fact, he ate them again tonight.
And apparently, I was not putting them on his tray fast enough, 
because he grabbed the bowl and helped himself :)

The only issue with food that we have at the moment is eggs.
I gave him some scrambled eggs one night and his face immediately broke out in a rash.
I have been keeping my eye on him when he tries new foods…
and the same thing happened when he ate pasta (containing eggs).
So after talking with the pediatrician we decided to not give him any eggs 
or food made with eggs.
Which is a bit of a pain. 
But I’m hoping he grows out of this allergy/sensitivity.
Jaxen had the same issue, and grew out of it around 18 months.

Zane crawls great and super fast and very quiet! 
I have stepped on him a few times because he has moved and I did not hear him!
He can walk with his walker, or holding on to stuff,
but has yet to try to walk on his own. 
Or stand for that matter. No interest!

Zane loves to play “peek-a-boo” type games!
I even caught him on Sunday morning trying to play with the man sitting behind me.
So cute.

He loves people, loves to watch them.
But is super shy and not interested in them holding him.
Someone can get away with it if I’m not in his sight.

As far as speech goes - he can babble with the best of them!
He can say “mama” and “dada” and a few other sounds.

Zane’s skin is pretty sensitive, and will break out in little rashes if irritated.
(Example: when Nik’s beard rubs him - he gets red).
So I try to lotion him often and even got some special cream from the 
pediatrician today to put on his face.
His cheeks, nose and chin are super dry and looks almost like wind-burn.

And I can now say that we have finally mastered an early bedtime!!!!
Zane will typically go to bed between 8-9pm.
He has been waking up 2-3 times each night still and cries for a minute,
but then eventually puts himself to sleep.
And he will sleep until between 7-8am.
I am sooo excited that he no longer stays up unit 11pm or later!!!
I have worked hard on this - and will continue to do so to make sure it sticks.
I can handle so much more during the day if my kids will sleep through 
the night - by themselves - in their bed. Right?!

I think that is all the updates on our sweet little guy.
He is amazing. And so fun. And precious.
I love him so very much!

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