Friday, October 28, 2016

Four Things

Here are four things for your Friday...

1. Jaxen had pajama day at school this week. 
When I asked him to take a picture, here is what I got...

2. Zane had his 6 month doctor visit this week.
Poor kiddo has not felt great this week…major allergy issues!
But - he is a healthy, growing boy!

He now weighs 16.13 pounds and is 26 inches long. 
(FYI Jaxen weighed 18.5 and was 26 1/2 inches at his 6 month appointment)

Even though he didn’t feel great, he was a charmer and all the nurses/doctor loved on him!

3. We are (trying to be) in recovery-mode over here.
Which means, laying on the couch in the afternoon, watching tv and eating kettle corn.
I had a sidekick...

who totally fell asleep on me!

I am getting the basics done around the house, but other than that - 
I am trying to take it easy.
I am not sleeping well at night and am just exhausted during the day.
The cough/headache/body aches I have is kicking my tail.

Last night Nik went and purchased 3 vaporizers.
Desperate?! haha!
Jaxen has had a cough and Zane has had a runny nose.
So, I guess he is not taking any chances!

4. A little bit of weather for you, from our neck of the woods.
It has been cold the last few days!

And we got a little snow!
It melted away quickly and then was followed by rain, all day long.

That’s all for now.
We could potentially have a fun-filled, busy weekend…
or we could cancel some plans and take it easy.
We’ll see.
Decisions decisions.

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