Thursday, October 13, 2016

Life Lately

Have I mentioned how Jaxen likes to hold the door after school? He will run down the hall, passing people to get to this door and open it for everyone leaving the school. It’s cute and sweet…but he can also be a little rude and bossy about his self-declared job of door-holder. Oh, and we have to stand there until everyone walks out. Everyone. He knows if there are still kids who have not come out yet. I just embrace it :)

Last weekend we had some friends over to the house and we pulled out our big bubble maker! Rusty and Diane gave this cool gift to Jaxen while they were here and we have loved the big bubbles it makes!

Nik was out of town a bit last weekend. He actually left Friday and came home very late Saturday night and then took off again Sunday afternoon and came home Monday. Jaxen has always been ok with his daddy leaving - but this time was hard on him. Really hard. I took this picture of them at church on Sunday. Jaxen would not leave Nik’s side once we arrived at church. So, this is Nik - giving announcements at church with his little (matching) sidekick.

To cheer Jaxen up after Nik left again on Sunday afternoon - we had dinner at McDonalds. And look at that big 6-month old, sitting in a high chair!

Nik was at a Youth Fall Retreat. Look how pretty it was!

And life lately includes a sleeping Zane.
You know, since I put so much effort into making this happen :)

Yesterday was a beautiful day here! So I took Jaxen out for a bike ride after school. But first, he had to help Nik air up his tires.

Zane went to run errands with us today and was loving sitting in his daddy’s lap!

I’m sure there is more to our life lately…that’s just all I have pictures of - haha!


  1. Riley is finally in his crib. Each night gets better. Guess I just had to wait for him to be ready.

    1. Good! Hope that means you are resting well at night now!

    2. Yes he is getting much better in his crib. Some nights he goes all night others he is up once in the middle.