Thursday, October 20, 2016

Pumpkin Patch - Take 1

Saturday we (as in myself, Jaxen and Zane) tackled the Pumpkin Patch!
For four hours.
I’m not sure how I kept up with a 4 year old and a 6 month old 
for four hours at the pumpkin patch, but I did. 
And I deserve a cape. 
Or chocolate :)

After checking the weather last week, I knew Saturday was going to be beautiful.
And so I decided that it was the perfect day to find a pumpkin patch.
So I asked around and decided on one that was recommended.
But Nik had a meeting out of town.
So I decided to go anyways…on my own…because we may not have a more perfect day.
And I’m so glad we did!

This place was super great...
Family friendly, nice and lots to do!

First up - the train.

Jaxen insisted on sitting in the very front car (every time he rode) 
and even waited a few rides until this seat opened up.
It was his favorite thing we did all day.  

He enjoyed this tall slide and the little play area as well.

Where’s Jaxen?
He thought it was funnier to put his head there,
instead of the three open spaces made just for that.

As much as Jaxen loves to bounce,
he was not a huge fan of this big bounce thing (no idea the name of it - ha).
There were too many kids on it, so he kept falling, 
and it was hard to get back up with everyone jumping.
There was an older boy there for awhile who 
would help him up, and that made it more fun for Jaxen.

Jaxen loved feeding the goat on the top of this structure.
You put food into a container (that you can’t see in the pic) and then
crank it up to the top (it was attached to the belt) and it would dump the food.
He thought it was so fun!
A few strangers were kind enough to let him dump their food too.

Of course, Jaxen had to sit and play on this tractor.

See that red building in the background from the pic above?
That housed lots of goodies…
and we sampled a chocolate chip cookie and cider donut. 

Yes, that is Jaxen - milking a (fake) cow!

They also had a corn maze and a hay ride that we did not do.
But we did play some mini golf!

He actually preferred rolling the ball everywhere
and especially through all the obstacles.

I had the greatest time with this little boy!
I basically let him do and run whatever/wherever he wanted.
So we hopped from one thing to the next (with a few ‘rest’ breaks in-between).

Wonder were Zane was the entire time?
Happy watching, listening, and taking the whole thing in.
Oh - and he napped for awhile.

And guess what?
Once I arrived at the pumpkin patch and realized where I was,
I texted Nik (I was only 25 minutes away from where Nik’s meeting was)
so he stopped by on his way back home!

He caught a few holes of mini golf
and one last train ride with Jaxen before we all headed home.

See what I mean about a beautiful day?!

Pumpkin Patch - Take 2 up next.
I still have to show you some of the pictures we took with the pumpkins :)

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