Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Zane - 6 Months

Zane is 6 months old! I can hardly believe it. I really can’t imagine our life without him. He brings so much joy and smiles to our everyday :)

Here are some 6 month updates for you...

Eating: Zane still solely nurses. No formula, rice cereal or food. He is very interested in food though. We cannot eat without him being super zoned in on every move we make and fussing that the food goes in our mouth and not his! So - I will start him on food very soon. I’m pretty sure he will love it… we will see! Zane normally nurses 8-10 times a day, and during the night he will go about 7 hours before waking to eat.

Sleeping: Zane has not been a great day sleeper. And by that - I mean, he would take about three, 20 minutes naps. For the entire day. That is not enough for this momma! Haha! So I have been working on that. And it’s getting better. He will now take 2 naps that are at least one hour. And then a cat nap or two as well. I have also been working on night time with Zane. He didn’t like to go to bed until around 11pm each night. I am trying to get him to go down around 9:30 now. But if he goes down that early, he wakes to eat between 4:30-5:30am. Thankfully, he will go back to sleep after he eats. So basically, I am in the midst of sleep training Zane to nap better and go to bed earlier.  

Clothes: Zane is wearing mostly 6-month clothes. This category is so hard because all brands of clothes are different. He can wear a few 9 month onesies but a few 6 month pants are too big. He has many hand-me-downs from Jaxen (which I am so thankful for) but when I see something cute, at a good price, I try to pick it up! I have no idea what size shoe he wears, because I just don’t put him in shoes yet. Jaxen is ready for Zane to wear shoes though - even yesterday, he wanted to pick Zane out some shoes to wear.

Teething: No teeth yet! Which I am totally okay with. The ‘average’ (they say) is to start getting bottom teeth around 6 months. Jaxen had bottom teeth at 4 months. Who knows…? But he drools and chews on everything! I really thought they were coming in a few weeks ago. But nothing. So we will wait, and I’m great with that! I did make him a ‘teething popsicle’ (frozen breastmilk in a mush bag) that he seemed to enjoy. So I will keep those on hand when the time comes.

Development: Zane sits on his own very well. He will fall every now and then while reaching for things, but is improving every day! He will lay on his tummy to play and surprisingly, has begun to get up on his knees and rock back and forth! I’m not ready for him to crawl, by any means, but it is fun to see him hit these new milestones. He can be on his belly and move all around just by scooting and turning. And he never sits still. Ever :)

Playing: He will play with anything he can put in his mouth! Haha. He likes balls, and toys that light up and make sound, and spoons and Jaxen’s train tracks…. the list really does go on and on. I have put away his ‘play mat’ (because he does not stay on it) and am pondering getting rid of his swing (just doesn’t really like it). I do have a play pen set up downstairs for when he needs to be contained.

Talking: He doesn’t make too many ‘noises’ but every now and then will chant “da da da”. It’s pretty cute. And this morning he was ‘talking’ (sounds like yelling, actually) up a storm - in his own world, just as happy as could be.

Attachment: Because I solely nurse Zane, he does not take a bottle very well. And because he does not take a bottle well, I don’t leave him too often. Normally once a week, I will go to Bible Study without him. So because I hardly leave him (and home with him all day) he is pretty attached to me. He will go to other people as long as he is not too hungry or tired and usually likes to make sure I’m still around. I can sneak away and he is fine. But if I leave him alone in a room - he has a fit! He can play independently as long as I am near. But the minute I leave, he is fully aware! I want him to be okay without me, and with others, we just don’t have too much opportunity to do that.

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  1. Man he's growing up fast. Riley will be 5 months this weekend and it's hard to believe. He talks all the time. Wish I understood him though lol. He's adorable.