Monday, October 17, 2016

Zane - First Foods

On Friday we introduced food to Zane :)  We started with peas. No matter what we started with, I didn’t figure he would like it too much at first. When you think about it - he has had nothing but breastmilk for 6 solid months. So any new flavors and textures, I knew would probably be a little weird. We are three days in, and it is getting better and better! 

Here is a look back on the last three days of food…

Day 1: Peas

Day 2: Butternut Squash

We let Jaxen help with feeding Zane. I think he liked it….I know he will like it even more when Zane actually wants to eat what Jaxen is offering!

Day 3: Butternut Squash

Zane was way more into eating his food on Day 3! 

So to start his food journey, I bought store-bought baby food. I just bought peas and butternut squash. It was easier (knowing he would probably not each much) to buy the first go around, than to (pull out some kitchen gear I have not used in awhile) steam and puree food for him. But my plan today or tomorrow is to pull out what I need to make (and freeze) some baby food. Up next: apples, green beans, bananas and pumpkin!


  1. Riley started food last week and he loves carrots He gets very excited to eat food. We started out rice cereal but that did not work so veggies we did.

    1. This stage is pretty fun! Good luck with foods :)

    2. He loves green beans, carrots, peas are ok, squash. Now we are on fruit and so far banana ok.