Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Life Lately

This toy was one of Jaxens (as most are) but Zane is totally loving it!
It will keep him entertained the longest of his toys right now.

Jaxen loves to have Zane come do ‘Night Night’ with him.
And I think Zane just loves Jaxen.

We made a trip to Sam’s last week and look at this big boy, sitting up 
in the cart all by himself!

One of the workers there gave us this balloon to tie to our cart.
It was a hit!
I actually gave it back before we left so he could pass it on to someone else.

This little one can scoot and move like no other.
I’m not even sure how he does it…
One minute he is on the rug and then the next, he is elsewhere.
Not crawling yet, just scooting his body. And rolling over. 

That face. 

Monday, while I was cooking dinner - Jaxen and Nik played with Play-doh.

Silly boys.

 Nik’s creations :)

My cutie husband with my cutie littlest.

We don’t take too many pics together anymore.

After school on Tuesday, I let Jaxen hang around and play on the playground.

Nap time!

The rest of our week is pretty full…
school picture day, bible study, hopefully a pumpkin patch, and possibly some apple picking.
Then Nik leaves Friday for a youth retreat and I need to clean my house!


  1. I don't want Riley to grow up fast but can't wait till he sits up in cart too.

    1. Zane loves sitting up in the cart! It's a whole new world.