Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween is in the books.
And it went down as a great night!

In preparation for Halloween, we decided to let Jaxen pick out his costume.
So we went to the store - gave him every option in his size and he
picked out the one with the best mask.
It just happened to be Iron Man :)

And remember this gem?

Yup, we recycled Jaxen’s old costume and used it for Zane.
And I have to say…my kids sure do make sweet sock monkeys!

Last weekend, we went to a Harvest Party where they got to dress up.
All ready to party!

And here is a comparison….because I can’t help myself!

Jaxen 2012

Zane 2016

And I am so thankful I got these pictures on Friday (superhero day at school)
because Jaxen did not want to take pictures last night!

Zane, however, was all about the picture taking!

And another comparison…

Jaxen and Nik 2012

Zane and Nik 2016

Our Family!

We went to a friends for dinner and then joined them for some trick or treating!

It got dark really quickly and was really cold…
but we had the best time!

Jaxen loved trick or treating!
We didn’t go too far or too long and it was just perfect!

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