Sunday, October 9, 2016

Pumpkins / Pictures / Bath

PUMPKINS: After picking Jaxen up from school one day last week, we stopped at a small farm that had pumpkins for sale. Jaxen had the best time looking at and picking out pumpkins for him and Zane. He picked a ‘baby’ one for Zane and then two bigger ones for himself. I think he tried talking Nik and I into getting the ‘mommy’ and ‘daddy’ pumpkins…but that did not happen. Haha.

Once we got home, Jaxen was all about painting his pumpkins. So we did and he had a great time! He keeps telling me we need to paint them again because ‘there is still orange’. Haha!

PICTURE DAY: Last week Jaxen had picture day. He was not thrilled for some reason. So that morning, I pulled out his last two pictures that were taken at school. And then he finally agreed to go to picture day if he could show his teachers his pictures - so they got packed in his folder for school. 

2 years (left) / 3 years (right)

4 years (below)

Let’s hope his actual picture turns out a bit better - haha!

BATH TIME: I love giving Zane a bath in our sink. Especially since he is sitting up better and better! I think he likes it (except when I pour water over his face). And he gets cold quickly - so I try to bathe him when it’s a warmer day and the sun is shining in. 


  1. Very cute. My hubby has been taking a pic of Evan in front of pumpkins every year but I forgot to start Riley like that. Glad Zane likes baths Riley does not.

    1. We keep the baths short and sweet! And you have to get a pic of Riley with a pumpkin!!! There is still time.