Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Life Lately

The picture above was taken sometime after midnight, and was a celebratory picture.
This is Zane…asleep…after almost 4 hours of actually going to bed.
"Zane" apparently means “the most unpredictable night sleeper ever”.

He was wide awake and playing (and being all cute) at somewhere around 11pm.

So after he finally goes to sleep - guess what? I’m awake. And sick.
I’m feeling pretty crummy and to top it off, I only slept about 2 hours last night (today, whatever).
It is 3:57am and I thought that was a perfect time to bring you a blog post :)

So here is a glimpse into our life lately….

We have an (army) crawler!
Zane can’t quite get that one leg all the way back, but he is really good at 
laying on his belly and getting wherever he needs to go!
I’ll try to get a video soon.

And he loves going grocery shopping with me.
He will sit up in the cart and not make a peep, but look around with a big smile on his face.

Night playtime with daddy.
Zane wants to join in so bad!

So after Jaxen goes to bed, Nik and Zane do a little rough-housing.

We had 2 really beautiful days last week so Zane and I went walking!
That was before the 4 solid days of rain.
And now the cold, very windy weather.
Hence, the reason I am probably sick.

This was not always a true statement in my life…
but it sure is currently.

Fall has arrived!
And it is showing off here in NY (the tree in front of my house).

I let Jaxen get in the play pen and play with Zane for awhile the other day.
And then Jaxen hit Zane in the face (on purpose) with a toy.
And then Jaxen spent a good amount of time out in the play pen, which he did not like one bit.

Cool dude.

Last Wednesday night, Zane figured out how to get to a seated position from 
laying on his belly in the crib.
So every time he would wake up, he would sit up.
He was not making any noise, but was just sitting there!
I woke up numerous times to this picture on the monitor that night,
and hardly slept myself, because I kept watching him.
I think he was just super proud of himself and was more interested in sitting up than sleeping!

I thought Jaxen looked pretty cute this particular morning...

as well as Zane.
This is the way he greets me almost every morning. 
All smiles :)

A quick Jaxen story:

Oh, but first, some background info:
All summer I tried to tell Jaxen it was not wake up time until the sun was out.
So eventually, he got in the habit of looking out his window until it was daylight
to come out of his room.

The last few mornings Jaxen has woken up and hollered at Nik or I
and when we open his door, he informs us that “Night night is taking too long!”
In his defense…the sun is not coming up until after 7am every day.
So we let him get up (as long as it’s not before 6:30am).

Jaxen is way into drawing on a white board.
Sometimes I catch him playing “teacher” to his “kids” and I think it is precious.
This was one of his latest creations…
You can see he was practicing his “J” and “4”
but his favorite thing to draw right now is a circle with a dot in the middle.
And he is particular about his dot.
I’m not even sure where this is coming from…but I saw him erase a dot a few times
before he was happy with it!

Jaxen, hugging the dinosaur at Wal-Mart after picking out his Halloween Costume.
We basically gathered all the costumes in his size and let him choose.
He chose one with a mask (of course)
and he will match every other 4 year old superhero out there…
but he is pretty cute.
Pictures to come.

And this was about 8 minutes after the picture above.
Apparently when you go to Wal-Mart after school
and pick out a halloween costume, it wears you out.

This was Zane and I at a local Volleyball game.
He loved watching all that was going on!

And that’s all I have for you now.
If I misspelled, or some thought does not make sense…
refer to paragraph #3!

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