Sunday, September 11, 2016

We Survived

Well, week one of school is in the books...
And it went very well!

I already posted about day one...

day two, there were tears from Jaxen on the way home…
because he wanted to ride the bus! Haha. 

Day three I bribed him to ride home with me with the promise of sprinkle cookies.
It worked.

He told me that he learned new things that day.
I asked what they were…and he replied “I don’t know.”

And this is the day he crashed.
He had not napped at all the first two days, after school.
But then day three he sat on the couch for about 2 minutes and was out. cold.

He also came home with some homework that we did Friday morning.

Day four (Friday) he woke up and said “one more day!”
I did tell him that after the weekend he has to go back to school.
My fear is that he just thinks this school thing is a one-week-gig :)

So, while Jaxen is away at school and Nik worked…I get to hang out with this precious one!

I am enjoying the one-on-one time, so much!
Although, I think he is becoming a bit of a momma’s boy.

We are practicing and learning all kinds of things right now…
sitting, rolling over, grasping…ect.

And he is even growing new hair, and I think it’s the cutest thing in the world!
It’s hard to get a picture of ‘peach fuzz’ but I tried.

Here are a few pictures of nap time for you - 
because I just think he is precious and can’t get enough!

Here’s to week two of school….and many, many more!

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