Sunday, September 4, 2016

Last Week of Summer

Last week was our last official week of summer. Not sure if I am happy or sad about that - haha! I’m sad because we have done some really fun stuff this summer, but I’m happy because that means that fall is right around the corner and we can finally get back to a routine and a bit of structure. Yea! We have been without routine and structure for far too long for my taste (since April 11 when Zane was born, to be exact).

I tried to end the summer with a bang!

One last beach day with our friends from Watertown…Jocelyn and Louka!

We got to the beach super early and set up ‘camp’…
umbrella, tent, beach chairs, beach mats, coolers…the works :)

Then we went to the playground and let the two kids play until they
were hot, sweaty and ready to run in the water!

We stayed the majority of the day and the kids had a great time
swimming, playing with the sand, eating and making duck faces from Pringles chips.

Thursday I took Jaxen bowling for the first time with some of his friends!
He had a great time - and loved everything about it.

Of course, the bumpers were up and he loved this little ‘slide’ 
that helped his ball go down the lane a bit faster. 

His friend, Avery, bowled with him on his lane while the 3 older kids shared a lane next to them.

Even though these pics don’t look like it -
they had a great time together!

And to really end summer with a bang - we went to the NY State Fair!
Post coming soon….

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