Wednesday, September 7, 2016

First Day of Pre K

Yesterday was the beginning of a new era at our house…
Jaxen went off to Preschool.

And not little-preschool, like he went to last year.
This is a-big-deal-preschool.

He goes to the big elementary school (we will drive him each day);
walks down long hallways with lots of classrooms and kids;
into his room; and stays for 6 hours; even eating lunch in a cafeteria!
It’s a big deal!

I have been telling Jaxen for about a month now - that when summer is over he will go to school.
I have taken him to his new school (for me to fill out paperwork)
and we have played on the playground many times.

Last week, we started a countdown and even went to an open house.
After that open house - he was super excited to start school!

Monday night we all gathered in Jaxen’s room and talked about school
and then prayed for his school year together.
We prayed for him, the teachers, his friends…and that is pretty much when I cried my tears.
I was holding Zane and Jaxen in my lap
and I just could not get over the fact that not too long ago,
Jaxen was Zane’s age and now here we are.

Jaxen, on the other hand, was thrilled to go to school and slept well!

Our day started at 6:45 when Jaxen woke up!
He told me he wanted to watch Paw Patrol before getting ready for school.
We had plenty of time, so no big deal, to grant that request.

Once he was dressed, teeth brushed and hair fixed, we gathered in the kitchen.
I tried to get him to eat a little breakfast and then we had family Bible time.

And then it was time to take a first day of school picture (above)!
It is really hard for him to just stand still and take a nice picture.
But that’s okay…he is pretty cute in the above pics.

Once we got to school and signed him in, we started walking down the hall.
He kept saying “I can do it by myself”. 
We laughed because he had no idea where he was going!
We just stayed right behind him and then told him where to go.

Teachers who were hanging out in the hallway were laughing at us -
because Jaxen was just so excited (and a bit loud)!

The minute he saw his teachers and classroom he became a bit shy, standing back some.
We walked him in his room, he found his seat and was all better!
We put his things in his cubby and said bye.
He hollered “bye” and “love you” to us - and all was well!

He saw his speech therapist at school yesterday and did his first session.
At this point, he will have 3 speech therapy sessions and 1 occupational therapy session.
These will mostly happen at school.
If we have make-up sessions, then they might come to our house after school.

So after we dropped him off - Nik, Zane and I headed out to breakfast!
We had the best breakfast at a diner in Fairhaven and then headed out of town.
We were on the hunt for blinds (for the house) and a few other things.

After a full day of running errands we headed back just in time to get Jaxen from school.

And this is where the second set of tears almost happened…

Nik went in to get Jaxen by himself because Zane was sleeping in the car.
And after 15 minutes of waiting, I texted Nik “what’s the hold up?”
After 20 minutes of waiting, I called.

Apparently, they did not hear his name called, when Nik went to pick him up.
So they put him on the bus he was assigned to…and he happily went!

I’m not sure what piece of paper I missed signing
that told them that he would be dropped off and picked up everyday…
but we will clear that misunderstanding up!

Once he was safe in my arms car - we began to hear bits and pieces about his day.
He had a great day and tried telling us all about it,
but some things were hard to understand!

All in all - he wanted to go back!

Here’s to day 2 of Jaxen at preschool :)

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