Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Visitors :)

We had visitors this past weekend and it was so much fun! Some of our favorite people, Rusty and Diane came to see us. And after looking back through my photos…I didn’t take one single picture of them. Can you believe it?! A few pics were taken on Diane’s phone but I was a very bad blogger this weekend…sorry! So instead…here are some pictures that I did take, over the last week.

Zane was looking all cute in his “too cute to dispute” onesie I bought him.

I made Nik take a selfie on the Rochester bench 
at the airport while picking up Rusty and Diane.

Before we picked them up, Nik got in a little disc golf 
and Zane and I got in a little walk.
It was a beautiful course!

Thursday night we had open house at Jaxen’s school.
He showed us all of his work, where he sat on the carpet and his favorite toys!

By the way - he is doing great at school.
He really loves it and his teachers say that he is doing well.

And here is Zane - with his new favorite toy.

One evening last week we were practicing our baseball skills...

We had a great weekend with our friends - who is next to come see us?! 
Now we need to get back in the routine of things…
which for me, means laundry. And cleaning out heater vents…it’s almost time to turn our heater on!

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