Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Home Tour - Living Rooms

A couple of things happened last week that made this post possible. 1. We bought blinds. 2. Nik hung our blinds. 3. Jaxen went to school. 4. I picked up my house and organized a bit more. 5. It stayed that way for a few hours because Jaxen was at school!

Therefore - I bring you the last post of our Home Tour! Only 3 months after we moved in! Haha!

The Sitting Room…

This room is in between the kitchen and living room.

I still need to add a big clock to the open space above the drawers.
Those drawers are used for very random things…
small kitchen appliances, candles, games, water bottles…etc.
The door to the left leads down to the basement.

There are two nice windows (which allow for great sunlight).
I’m still deciding on curtains for these windows.

I still need to do more with the walls here…
but I love these chairs and this ottoman - very comfy.
I actually spend a lot of time in this room!

This door leads to our downstairs bathroom / laundry room.
The white bins in the book case is where I hide toys.

The Living Room…

This is a view from our foyer.
I want to change out the rug and add a big family picture (that has yet to be taken)
on the right wall over the love seat.

And this is the view from our sitting room.

And then a view from our couches…
foyer on the right and the sitting room opens up on the left.

And that’s it for our home tour! Finally!

And if you want to see it (or us) not in pictures….come visit :)

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