Thursday, September 8, 2016

State Fair / Paw Patrol

I’m playing catch-up from our trip to the State Fair last Friday...

Awhile back I heard that the Paw Patrol Roll Patrol Road Tour would be at the NY State Fair.
Well, Paw Patrol is Jaxen’s favorite cartoon.

And out of the 6 pups, Chase is his very favorite.

The description of what it was:

The fully interactive tour, inspired by PAW Patrol, 
Spin Master's popular animated series, features an 18-wheel semi-truck PAW Patroller 
which opens to reveal a life-sized PAW Patrol Headquarters through which kids can walk. 
Within the PAW Patroller experience, there are interactive games, 
a life-sized Lookout Tower (with working periscopes) and a slide to take kids on to the next mission. 
The tour includes activations featuring two new segments launching this fall – Jungle Rescue and Roll Patrol. PAW Patrol fans can take photos in the Jungle area featuring the new pup tracker, 
and then ride on life-sized Roll Patrol racers around a track and finish their day 
by taking a photo with PAW Patrol pups.

Nik and I talked about it and decided we wanted to take Jaxen.
It gave us an excuse to go to the NY State Fair and we knew Jaxen would love it!

So we hit the road early Friday morning, and drove to Syracuse (only 45 minutes).

We arrived just as the fair was opening and headed straight for the Paw Patrol area.
Only to find a line.
A very long, long, long line!

We got settled in the line and then for the next 2 hours and 20 minutes
we took turns saving our spot in line and entertaining Jaxen.
Good thing we brought the stroller and the baby carrier.
Zane rode in the stroller until Jaxen got tired.
Then Jaxen took a turn in the stroller and we carried Zane.
I also packed snacks and drinks - good thing too - because we snacked and drank
our way through that line!

Zane was such a trooper through the entire day!
He loved the sights and sounds and had a great time with it all!

Outside the Paw Patrol area

Finally there!
We had to ‘register’ and get bracelets put on.
And as of this post…Jaxen is still wearing his :)

Once we were inside I immediately got in the line to have his picture taken 
with some of the pups (fingers were crossed for Chase).
While we took turns in the line (again) - we let Jaxen run around and 
play with everything they had.

And let me just say… the description was a little misleading.

The picture line and the 18 wheeler truck in the background…

riding the Roll Patrol Racers…

looking through the periscope…

the new pup, Tracker…

playing with the paw patrol toys...

and finally…picture time!
Chase was not there (they had switched out pups), 
I pulled him away from playing with the toys to get his picture made,
and the photographer was not real patient with us while we tried to calm him down.

3 hours and 20 minutes later…
this is what we have to show for it!

Haha! Good thing he had so much fun with all the other Paw Patrol stuff!
It was totally worth it.
We had a great day.

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