Thursday, September 29, 2016

Three Things

Here are three things about us right now...


1. This kid went to sleep at 10:30 last night and slept until 9:30 this morning!!!! That is definitely the longest he has slept. Ever.

2. He is pretty attached to his momma right now. Yesterday I could not be out of sight for even two minutes without him crying. 

3. Still no teeth (I check everyday). But his fingernails are razor sharp (I have the marks to prove it).


1. Is obsessed with a paper map of New York. He slept with it last night and this morning told me where he wanted to go on the map. 

2. Is officially out of his car seat and on to a booster seat, which he loves. And which is much easier.

3. The last two days at school, he has rushed to open the door for people leaving. And he has to wait for everybody. Seriously - we are just standing there waiting for people to walk out of the school.


1. I have been fighting Mastitis on and off for the last week. So my days are spent trying to unclog milk ducts.

2. I am addicted to Kettle Corn (so is Jaxen). It’s my favorite snack right now.

3. I am finally knocking things off my to-do list (that was started a few months ago). For example - today, I labeled all the storage bins in Zane and Jaxen’s closets.


1. He is wrapping up a series at church that he has been preaching on - Heroes of Faith. It has been really good.

2. Has enjoyed playing Disc Golf lately (he hadn’t played much the last two years). There are a few guys here that like to play, so that has been nice for him.

3. Is in ultimate planning mode. Lots of decisions and plans need to be made very soon for different things and events coming up over the next year.

That’s us right now in a nut-shell! Exciting, huh?!

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