Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Bit Behind

I am a bit behind on blogging these days…something else usually takes up the time I would spend on the computer. So here is a quick, random post of pictures from my phone the last week or so….

Zane loves his exersaucer!

And I love sweet moments like these - when he falls asleep on me.

This face. It’s about the cutest ever!

Farmer’s Market Day in Oswego. Zane enjoyed all the sights and sounds!

Nik snapped this picture one night. Cuddling in our bed with my boys.

So we saw this Chase frisbee on sale one day and bought if for Jaxen.
He was very excited - until Nik hit the fence post with it and broke it :(
Now, it is taped together with clear tape. Excited again!

Jaxen will often clap his hands together and say “Listen everyone!”
And on this day he was asking me questions about the story…
“Is Thomas happy or sad?” Things like that.
I think school is rubbing off on him a little bit - haha!
All while wearing a too small bib that he found in Zane’s pile of stuff.

My world. I sure do love these two!

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