Sunday, November 8, 2015

The People of Wal-Mart

I hope you know what I am referring to when I say “the people of Wal-Mart”. If not - please Google it right now and view the images. Warning: you may see some images that will hurt your eyes.

Anyways -

I have always been on the verge of becoming one of these people. If you don’t think so - you probably don’t know me too well. If Nik is asked - he will always reference back to when we were first married: I was wearing house slippers, sweatpants, and an old t-shirt. He wanted me to go with him to run an errand so I put on one of his coats. It was an old suit jacket - tweed with elbow pads. And I probably put on a beanie for good measure. Just imagine that outfit. Nik is one lucky man, huh?! Ha ha.

That is just one scenario of my “people of Wal-Mart outfits”.

Well -

Jaxen has now entered that category. Lucky boy - taking after his momma. Technically, we were in Sam’s, not Wal-Mart, if anyone cares :)

Want to see…?

That would be my kid - bedhead, teeth probably  not brushed, wearing reindeer pajamas with snake boots, holding a sonic tea.

Oh - and wearing a mask that he found on the ground for part of the time.

I really should be a better mom! But I was not planning on leaving the house that day. I planned on baking all day, getting ready for the Bake Sale. But I soon realized, that unless my family was going to eat out every meal this week - I better run to the store. It was one store. And super quick. Well, kind of quick. Sam’s is not quick when they insist on getting ready for Christmas - And by that I mean putting all of their biggest and best toys in the middle of every single aisle. So my child cannot go two steps without looking at, touching or trying on everything he sees.

I actually texted Nik and said “I will no longer take Jaxen to Sam’s until Christmas is over”.

On another note…. we were in the very back of the store when Jaxen said “Mommy. Pee Pee.” I don’t normally encourage my kid to run in the store. But this was an exception. I told him to run and I followed. Through the whole store and I could care less what people thought. I did not want to clean up pee pee in the middle of the aisle. We made it :)

Ok. That is plenty of rambling and embarrassing stories of Jaxen and I for one day. 
Please feel free to share your own!

I will leave you with our Sunday Selfie from last week - just to prove my kid can look good!

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