Thursday, November 5, 2015

Pregnancy - Week 17

I have no idea why my text and pictures will not center. I cannot figure it out - sorry!

Today I had a baby appointment!
Nik was able to take off work and go with me.
Baby D is doing great - I am doing great - so it was a quick, easy appointment!

Baby D - 17 weeks

I did not get an ultrasound this time - but we did listen to the heartbeat.
And I started crying!
Not sobbing crying, just tears coming out, crying.
I’m not sure why I was so emotional this time, but I was.
In that moment, I just became so thankful and overwhelmed at the life growing inside of me.

Pregnancy 2 is so different from Pregnancy 1 - for me, anyways.
I don’t just sit around everyday thinking about this baby. Shocker, I know! Ha ha.
So in those few quiet moments at the doctor’s office - I can really take it all in.
And I love it.

Know what else I love?
A morning to myself :)

I dropped Jaxen off at school, then went to my appointment.
But after that….
I went to the grocery store to pick up about 6 things.
Drove through Sonic for a little treat :)
Made a quick return to a store - glanced around for about 15 minutes. 
 Showed up at my hair appointment 20 minutes early -
just so I could sit on the comfy couch to read and relax.
And actually getting my hair done was so very relaxing!

I came home at lunch refreshed and very happy!

And we have had the most gorgeous (unlikely) days this week.
So when Jaxen woke up from his nap we took a little stroll through the neighborhood.


  1. Our first appt I teared up seeing the baby on the screen and the heartbeat beating. Its a miracle I thought!