Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Day in the Life

I have been having a hard time lately knowing what to blog about…so I decided to do a “Day in the Life Post”. I love it when other bloggers do this, so I hope you enjoy seeing a glimpse into our little world today (Tuesday).


7:20am - Alarm goes off and I make my way downstairs. The very first thing I do is open all the blinds, and turn the heater up (we keep our house cold at night, but I like it to be cozy and warm first thing in the morning).

Nik is up about this time as well, and he starts getting ready for work. I make myself some breakfast. Today was 2 scrambled eggs in a tortilla. I ate my breakfast, drank water, took my vitamins and had a little quiet time before Jaxen wakes up. Sometimes this time is interrupted. Not today, though! He was still not awake afterward - so I finished loading the dishwasher and got it started. 

Around 8am - Jaxen decided to finally wake up! So I got him ready for school: dressed, his teeth brushed and hair combed. He never eats breakfast, but I fixed him a glass of milk.

8:20am - On this particular morning, Nik took Jaxen to school - which Jaxen loves it when his daddy takes him. And after I put in a load of laundry I headed out the door to work (clean house for someone) for a few hours.

I was done cleaning by 11am and ran a quick errand before picking Jaxen up from school at 11:30.

Normally, Jaxen is super happy to see me and gives me a big hug. Today - all he wanted was daddy picking him up and cried when he wasn’t there. I finally talked him into going outside with mommy after he asked to stay at school (haha) and we headed home!

Once we were in the car his first question (every day) is “drink mommy?” And the next question “eat mommy?” My kid is used to drinking all day, and snacking at least twice before lunch - but when he is at school, that does not happen. So I always make sure to have a drink in the car and sometimes even a snack for the 4 whole minutes of our drive home. And most of the time - it is gone by the time we pull in. Haha!

11:40am - After school and before lunch I try to engage with Jaxen with some one-on-one time, no distractions. So we normally work on an activity together at the table (coloring, legos…etc). Today he decided he wanted to paint. We did finger-painting because I am out of paint brushed (oops) and then later moved to Q-tip-painting. It worked!

12:15pm - Lunch! On this particular day Jaxen had a hamburger patty, cheese, pickles and a yogurt. I had a baked potato and salad.

12:40 - I cleaned up from lunch, went over my to do list and switched laundry, while Jaxen played on his iPad, sitting in his favorite spot - in front of the heater.

At 1:20 we went upstairs and laid down for a nap. After much talking, he finally settled down and was asleep by 2. I sometimes nap with him as well, but knew that I needed to do a few other things today.

By 2:15 I decided I better hop in the shower! And then I studied for the Bible Study that I facilitate on Wednesdays (with a cup of hot tea) until Jaxen woke from his nap around 3:30. 

After a few minutes of some nice cuddle time we played legos, colored and read books.

While I prepped dinner and put dishes away - Jaxen ate pretzels and applesauce.

It was here that I stopped taking pictures and stopped documenting our day….but know it consisted of dinner, playtime with daddy and then bed!

It is now almost 9pm - and I’m ready to relax and call it a day! Good night!

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