Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Random Thoughts & Pics

1. Last year we had our first “real” snow on November 14. And I was decorated for Christmas by November 15. This year? No snow in the forecast and I am no where ready to decorate. I think I was under the “everything is cold, and snowy and it feels like Christmas” spell. Considering the year before that it was still hot at the time in TX. This year I understand how long the cold lasts and am not rushing the winter months upon us! Ha ha. That being said - I may keep my decorations up through January, just because I love having my house decorated for Christmas!

My cute little boy :)

Jaxen loves to “play" cards with me!

2. We have actually had such nice days in the past week that Nik is still getting a few chances to ride his bike! It’s not winterized...yet!

The heater vent is still his favorite spot in the whole house!

It was cold the other day - so I let Jaxen bring Mater inside and ride around. He loved it!

3. Nik and I celebrated our 13 year anniversary yesterday! I usually do some type of “Anniversary Post”. Not this year. I have been sick with some kind of head cold thing and have not been feeling really well for a few days. Now, it’s moved into my chest. Yuck. But we hired a babysitter and had a wonderful night out. I came home last night and posted some pictures on Facebook of us in our first few years of marriage. I thought it was fun to look back and thought others might enjoy it as well. Come to find out…people are intrigued over the many hairstyles of Nik Davis! I have always said that he has had more hairstyles than me…and it’s true and it is so funny to read/hear the different comments people have about his hair. Ha ha!

At Staples, while Nik was checking out - Jaxen loved playing in the “tunnel”.

On one of our warm days we went to the park to play - and he loved climbing on everything!

4. It’s been awhile since I have given a “Potty Training” update on Jaxen. Here it is - He goes pee pee in the potty great! He does not poo poo in the potty. But will wait until he has a diaper on to do so. Which is only at nap time and night night. Whatever - I don’t care. He knows not to go in this undies, and actually tells me every morning “No pee pee No poo poo in undies?” Yes…that is correct! Ha ha. He only has pee pee accidents right before nap time when he gets really relaxed. Other than that - he is doing so good! I still make him sit on the potty and try to go poo poo. I have bribed him with candy and even a new toy. No go. Oh well - I’m ok with where we are at in the process.

I even gave him an iPad to see if that would help the poo poo process. Nope.

Cuddle time with mommy when I was not feeling good on Monday.

Told you - RANDOM :)

But minus me being sick - all is well over here. I hope to bounce back real soon! Have a great week!

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