Thursday, November 19, 2015

Parent Teacher Conference

Today we had Parent-Teacher Conference at Jaxen’s school. I had no idea they did that at his age, but I was really glad they did! It was good to get a report on how he is doing in school.

From my perspective - Jaxen loves school! He always asks if it’s a school day and gets really excited when I answer yes! He goes into the school great and always walks away happy. So, in my book…he is doing well. But it was nice to get the teacher’s perspective as well.

So this afternoon I met with his 2 teachers and they gave me a “report card” (of sorts). The categories on the card are: Reading Foundations Skills, Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, Language, Mathematic Concepts, Social Development / Work Habits, and Fine Motor / Gross Motor. In each category, there are different skills that he is graded on.

The Grading Key is 1 (Does not yet demonstrate an understanding of concept/skills) to 4 (Exceeds expectations for understanding concepts/skills).

Overall, Jaxen’s scores were 1’s and 2’s. He did have two 3’s: Extends help to others with simple tasks when needed and Demonstrates large/gross motor movement such as running, skipping, jumping and climbing.

Even though his score seemed low - it is pretty normal. This is his first experience being in this environment, and they are really teaching some hard concepts! Did you know they work on the following: recognizing upper and lower case letters in and out of sequence, identifies and retells the beginning, middle and end of a story, writing their name, speaking in complete sentences, recognizing names and colors, write numbers 0-10, taking turns, cutting using scissors….and more. Some of the stuff seems normal to me…but some of it seems very advanced for 3! I guess I’m not really in the loop of “school” and didn’t know what all to expect!

His teachers were very positive when it came to talking about how Jaxen does in school. He is more social in small settings versus a large group, is very helpful to others and listens/follow directions well. They love having him in class and were very open to the possibility of Jaxen going to school 3 days next semester instead of two. That is not a decision we have made yet - but we are discussing it.

Here is a picture of Jaxen in his classroom that was posted on Facebook awhile back -
He is such a cheeser :)

And here are a few pics from today. They had a guest speaker showing them some "historical" toys! 

We are very happy with the decision to enroll him in this school and very happy with how he is doing and how good his teachers are with him!

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  1. Oh Sister! So, here is my thinking on school - I love that he is in it and that he is doing good. As far as curriculum - they are learning crazy stuff at young ages. Remember when we started to learn to read in the first grade and we started writing cursive in like the 3rd or 4th grade - well, now they pretty much require reading skills before kindergarten and they start writing in cursive in like the 1st grade. It is so crazy. But I love that he loves school. I think it is so good for him. Love you guys!