Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving Week Highlights

We have had a great Thanksgiving Week! Since I haven’t blogged in awhile - I will give you some highlights...

Monday - I enjoyed a nice mid-morning break with some great friends over tea and coffee / That evening we had our interim pastor and wife over for dinner and had a great time visiting with them.

It’s fire-time!
We are enjoying our fireplace this winter.
And Jaxen loves to help daddy keep it going!

Tuesday - One of my friends (who moved away) was back for a visit and so I invited some other ladies over this morning to hang out and catch up with each other / That afternoon Jaxen had a dentist appointment (where he did great) / And then that evening we went to a friends house for swimming, pizza and hanging out (we had a blast)!

Jaxen was so cooperative at the dentist!
He was funny though - because he kept telling me “go mommy”
like he was a big boy and could do this all on his own!

Wednesday - A wonderful low-key day (I even took a nap!) / made Nik’s favorite - Deviled Eggs / Went on a date night with friends / And…Jaxen went poo poo in potty (all on his own - no prompting from me!).

Jaxen insisted on wearing a beanie, gloves and snow boots 
while we played in the house that morning!

Jaxen’s reward for going poo poo in the potty were these cool, laser-tag things.
I think he wore Nik out playing with them - non-stop!

Thursday - After sleeping in a tad, I made Nik’s other favorites - Twice Baked Potatoes and Sweet Tea to take to our Thanksgiving feast / We arrived at our friends for lunch and didn’t come home until after 8pm! / Jaxen got to go swimming and we had a great time just hanging out!

I only took one picture on this day - which was sad, because it was a great day…
But this was our host, Kristen, wearing a turkey apron getting her turkey ready!

Friday - And today we got around and out of the house by 9:30am to do a little shopping. We didn’t have any major plans but I enjoy getting out and looking at all the stores. So that’s what we did! We did purchase a few items - and had fun together as a family. Although, next year…I think I will hire a babysitter so Nik and I can go out alone. It’s just a bit more fun without a little one tagging along :)

We have spent the rest of the day relaxing. I want Nik to build me a fire tonight - but he says it’s not cold enough - haha. It’s only 55 outside right now. But it’s raining - and in my book - that means a cozy fire is needed.

Jaxen just woke up from a super-long nap. Which was so needed! He has been one tired little boy this week. He has had a few late nights and a few days of shortened naps. I hope by tomorrow he will be caught up.

I hope you had a great week. 
I love Thanksgiving! 

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