Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer Is Over

Summer is over… not really… but I think, maybe?! 

I was looking at the weather this week (planning our water days) and that is when I realized summer may be over. We are in the low 70’s all week. Bummer!

The good news? Is that it was supposed to thunderstorm all day today! 80 % chance. I was really excited about that - I even planned my day around said thunderstorms. But guess what? It’s 10:30am and not one single drop yet. I’m not giving up hope… it might still come.

My plans today? Cleaning, laundry, burning a good-smelling candle, hot tea and playing inside with Jaxen. Doesn’t sound like much - but we (and my home) could use a day of indoors. I even went grocery shopping last night (typically done on Mondays) so I didn’t have to get out in the rain.

Even though it looks like summer is over this week - I’m hoping for a few more days in the 80’s. Thankfully, our weekend was there and we got to have some fun family time outside!

We spent Thursday evening at the Pool with dad!

And Friday morning at the beach with dad!

My view for awhile - while Nik and Jaxen were in the water!

I enjoyed our family time. 
But I also had to work a lot this weekend, so I got pictures like this -

Currently - Nik is gone to camp again - but will be home later tonight and Jaxen is using a blue Sharpie marker to color on his coloring box and talking on the phone (his monitor). He only has one mark on his head so far. I better wrap this up and pay attention to him! Ha ha. 

This was from the other day -
Coloring and then hiding and jumping out of the box, scaring mommy!

And here is our Sunday Selfie!

Jaxen looked pretty adorable on Sunday - but I could not get a great picture of just him…

Still cute though!

Even though it’s not supposed to be hot this week, 
I still have some fun plans!

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