Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Association Island

While Nik’s parents were visiting, we had an invite from friends to join them on Association Island for a day. And I’m so glad we went! I think we all enjoyed ourselves. It was a beautiful drive there (about 45 minutes away) and the Island itself did not disappoint! Here are some highlights:

The Blob: I don’t know if that is the correct name, but that is what I’m going to call it. It was a huge-bouncy-thing and Jaxen had the best time on it. We started out swimming at the pool, and then quickly moved on to the blob.

The View: it was beautiful! Their campsite was directly across from here and we enjoyed the view off and on all day!

The Food: food is always a highlight for me! There was yummy meat grilled, these wonderful (according to Russell) vegetable skewers and some great pasta salad (which was my favorite).

Jaxen had the best time playing with the window of their camper!

The Pedal-Cart: They rented this little cart for an hour that afternoon and everyone had so much fun riding it around!

Kayaks: I recently told Nik I wanted to kayak. I have never tried it before. Well, our friends had one with them and I decided that there was no better time to try it out!

They even had a little one that they let Jaxen try!
(James is behind him, holding it steady)

Jaxen and I both had a great time out on the water!

The Blob: we ended our time there with one more stop at the blob. Even Nik and James joined in on the fun!

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