Monday, August 24, 2015

Niagara Falls

Friday of last week we decided to take a trip to Niagara Falls. Nik’s parents were still here and Nik’s mom had never been. We had been before…but it was in the middle of winter so I was looking forward to seeing it again!

March 2014

We had a really nice and relaxing time walking all around, checking out the different views. It was a beautiful day there! Here are just a few pictures from our day…

Nik had to carry Jaxen around on his shoulders quite a bit (I forgot his stroller)…
until Jaxen discovered the big boulders lining most of the sidewalks (no picture). 
From then on, it was a fun challenge to walk on those boulders!

He was pretty cute reading the map and telling us where to go!

The beautiful falls!

And some family pics (recreating the pic from last winter)!

Jaxen thought he was big stuff, looking through these binocular-things.
But I don’t think he could see anything - we never put any money in! ha ha
It didn’t matter to him though!

My cutie husband. I love him so much!

And his parents…they are pretty cute too!

It was beautiful all around the falls!

I think we all could have stayed there, forever, just admiring the views…
well, except Jaxen - he could care less about the falls!

See the rainbow at the bottom?

It was a great day!