Friday, August 7, 2015

Everything’s the Same...

I’m not blogging much these days because it all seems to be the same stuff…

Nik is gone at camp (again); if it reaches 73 degrees then we are in the water somewhere; I work every chance I get; I still have not potty-trained Jaxen and I am still in the process of getting everything lined up for Jaxen to start preschool and speech therapy. A little rant about that: everytime I think things are set, and decisions have been made, something else pops up. A new scenario or another decision. And I am tired of making decisions. That’s all. Rant over.

So that is our life. Same.

Oh, and the other reason I am not blogging as much is because I am having some technical problems. I will start a post and try to save it - sometimes it will take hours to upload pictures or save the post. I don’t have hours. By the time it is done, I have moved on to other things; forgot; or it’s not a good time. That was a long explanation - but just trust me - technical problems equal less blogging.

But…on a good note…I have tried to take pictures!

So I know that is really the reason (at least for family) why you come to my blog - to see pictures of Jaxen. Here you go…

This boy and his sunglasses.

He likes to try and play golf…but he needs a little help on his form :)

Sunday Nik and I both needed to attend 2 different meetings and so Misty was kind enough to keep Jaxen for us. She also volunteered to keep some other kids. Someone, as they were leaving church, got this picture and then sent it to all of us. And I’m so glad they did! It is such a cute picture!

Jaxen, Sadie, Misty and Leah

We met some friends for dinner and then ice cream earlier this week. 
I ordered Jaxen a cone, but he ended up drinking Nik’s shake…and Nik pretty much ate his cone!

I’m not going to tell you how often I bathe Jaxen. Some people think it’s not often enough.
Oh well! It’s summer…the chlorine cleans him, right? :)
I took this picture and sent it to a few people the other night, 
proving to them that I finally bathed my kid. Ha ha!

Pool days. He just cannot get enough!

The best thing about pool days with friends…the Sonic stop beforehand!
On this particular day, Jaxen got a drink. 
This was his very first Sonic drink (I know my family is proud). 
The time before, he tried my Diet Green Tea and really liked it, so I ordered him one.
He thought he was so “big” at the pool, drinking his drink!

One of the (very few) nights we have all been home together, as a family, 
we went to the Black River Trail.
Nik took Jaxen on his bike, while I ran.
He loved the bike ride!

So we are looking forward to next week… We have company coming!!! Nik’s parents will be here for 2 weeks. We also have VBS, doctor’s appointments, haircuts…

Hope you have a great weekend!

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