Monday, August 17, 2015


In my last blog post you read how I made something new - Rhubarb Crisp…. Well, I had another first this week - Blueberry Pie! I made it with the blueberries I picked a few weeks ago. I found a recipe online and the filling actually came out really good! Like, I-ate-it-from-the-spoon, kind of good! 

This was before I put the top crust on the pie and baked it.
Looks yummy, huh?!

Well, this is after the top crust was on, and it was baked.
It doesn’t look very good! Haha.

It was a little runny, more like “blueberry soup” (as I called it) - but it still tasted pretty yummy!

So we have visitors here (Nik’s mom and dad) and we are having a really good time with them. Here are a few pictures from their time here….

Dinner and Campfire on the lake!

Dinner was great, the campfire was very nice, the lake was awesome - 
and Jaxen had the best time hanging out and playing with his grandparents!

Last week at church was VBS. 
One of the days I picked Jaxen up from the nursery - 
he wanted to walk with his friends, holding hands. 
Be still my heart! So sweet!

We took Nik’s parents to see Lake Ontario and to eat at one of our favorite spots.
After lunch we enjoyed the beautiful day, walking and talking!

Oh, and we stopped for ice cream :)

We have done a lot of relaxing too! 
Jaxen likes sitting next to his grandparents watching his shows!

We also went to the beach one day. I only have this one picture…
Kay decided to put her feet in - and in the background is Jaxen and Nik.

Nik and Russell took off one evening to the car races in Oswego. 
I didn’t hear a lot about them, but I know they had fun!

And this is the only picture you get from Sunday…
this little cutie taking an afternoon nap.

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