Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Our Monday

So my post yesterday was all about my excitement over a rainy day, staying indoors and being productive. Well, here is a little glimpse into our day…

Jaxen slept in until 9:50am! Which confirmed to me even more that we needed and indoor-day. And yes…it did finally rain. A little. I love the rain! And we really need it here…things are getting really dry.

Even with just a little rain, I still had a great day…

I did 6 loads of laundry, some meal prep for the week, some cleaning, made phone calls that needed to be made, washed dishes, played with Jaxen, organized my pantry, hung curtains, stayed in my glasses all day, swept downstairs, returned a movie to Red Box, ran by my work, got a Sonic drink and even exercised!

Here are some pics from our day…

Tools and trains

Building a train track on his table

Watching Veggie Tales before nap

Nap time (see the marker mark on his head?!)

A walk/run before dinner

And after our time outside we ate dinner, relaxed and went to bed!

Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into our day!

P.S. It was warm enough to hit the pool today :)

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