Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Weekend Recap…In Pictures

Here are some highlights from the past weekend…In pictures. Because why not?

I spent some time printing, cutting, hole-punching and tying ribbon to these Jesse Tree 
Coloring-page Ornaments, that I will color with Jaxen each day and hang on his Christmas Tree.

These ornaments help tell the Christmas Story and are a great way to share it with the little ones!

 Jaxen decided the best place to hang his hammers was on his shirt - Ha ha! I love this kid!

 Sunday night, Nik decided it would be fun for Jaxen to have a tent in his room.
I don’t think we expected this tent to take up his whole room!

But Jaxen thought is was so fun to sit in his tent and watch TV...

or lay down with his daddy!

Sunday Selfies!

Later on Sunday afternoon, we went to a little Christmas Party and before we left 
he wanted a pic with Nik. Two handsome guys!

While at the Christmas Party, Jaxen enjoyed a DumDum sucker.

I tried to get a cute picture with him in front of the tree but it was pretty much a fail!

So I thought maybe I could get one in front of the Nutcrackers? Fail.

He sat still in this chair for about 30 seconds.

 This is the view from our car, inside the garage…surrounded by firewood! 
I thought it was funny and wanted to share.

Jaxen, in a shopping cart, eating a Mint Oreo!
He was so frustrated that there were Christmas M&M’s, Oreos, and bananas in the cart, 
and he couldn’t have any…so I finally gave in and let him have an oreo. 
And then a banana (after it was paid for!).

Nik and I had our first “Green Smoothie”. 
(I never finished mine)!

That’s about it! We have a very busy but very fun week planned…stay tuned!

Up next…our Christmas Home Tour!!!!

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