Saturday, December 20, 2014


Well, since I decorated my house so early I decided we might as well celebrate Christmas early too! Just kidding (kind of). That is not the reason…but we did open our gifts early this year. Because of traveling to see family next week and Nik’s work schedule I decided that Saturday would be the best day for us to open gifts. We had a completely free Saturday and so, why not!

Friday night, Nik put together a little grill that we purchased for Jaxen…
all ready to go!

It was love at first sight! 
He had the best time cooking and serving us from his little grill!

Checking out his stocking...

Clothes were the least favorite…
but check out those big-boy-underwear! Soon, I keep saying!

 Here he is, trying to hand me a gift. 
He is saying “Here you go” which is his new favorite thing to say!

Playing with his new Magna-Doodle in between gift opening.

He got a new watch, just like Daddy’s!

He loved this little Cash Register.
Pretty much the rest of the day, he checked out groceries for us and took all our money!

That was a little snap shot into our Christmas morning. It was complete with Monkey Bread for breakfast, a morning nap on the couch for me, an afternoon nap for Nik and Jaxen, and an overall lazy day! Perfect!

It was so much fun buying for Jaxen and then watching him open his gifts. I know that is not the most important part of Christmas - but it is a part - and it made my heart pretty happy today!

Christmas is not over though - We are still celebrating! We have “Christmas Sunday” tomorrow, a party to attend on Tuesday and a beautiful Christmas Eve service that we are a part of on Wednesday. 

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