Monday, December 8, 2014

It’s Monday!

Well the first week of December did not disappoint! Nik thought I was a little crazy to be so excited on December 1 - and really, my week just got better and better!

Jaxen and I had one whole day (uninterrupted) at home; Jaxen had a playdate with a friend; I cooked all day Wednesday for a fundraiser; my Bible study group met after a few weeks off; We spent a morning at a friends house; Nik and I had a double-date at a new restaurant; I had a wonderful time at an Advent Tea; I baked some cookies and attended a Cookie Exchange; and lastly, our small group met on Sunday and we had the best time - full of laughter!

With all that excitement last week…I only took a few pics - here is what you get!

 Jaxen and I spent time painting and working on colors - he loves painting!

Our “homemade” flashcards we use to work on colors

I let Jaxen take an afternoon bath and then have his snack in front of the fireplace,
all decked out in his snowman pajamas. I think I even gave him some m&m’s!

After we finished all our Christmas shopping (you heard that right, all done!)
I began wrapping. I love wrapping presents!

Jaxen and his friend, Clay, were playing “Night Night”
It was so cute - except for the glob of ketchup that is on Jaxen’s face - Ha ha!

This is what my house looked like Thursday morning, after cooking all day Wednesday. A mess!

Our dessert from our double-date. I don’t even know what they were…
some kind of funnel cake fries with raspberry sauce…but so good!

White Chocolate Cranberry cookies for the win! 
This is what I took to the cookie exchange. A new recipe, but it turned out great!

And…our Sunday Selfies!

Jaxen always looks sad to take pictures at the start, but he is totally acting - 
look at this crazy, happy boy!

It was cold here this weekend. Cold. But I think I still like the cold :)

They say snow is coming this week…so I have to go stock up on groceries and run all our errands
so we can hunker down and stay warm!


  1. I just ate one of your white chocolate cranberry cookies. Mmmmmm - and I don't even like cranberries but these were amazing. Your house looks so cozy and warm. Good thing - cause here comes round 2 of the snow!

  2. Glad you liked them - I have eaten waaaaay too many! And the snow is here…but I’m prepared, warm and cozy :)