Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Our Days Lately

We have had some busy days with a nice mixture of quiet and relaxation thrown in there. The best kind of days for this season!

Sunday morning we had a beautiful service at church. 
I love that a cross was included with the manger…
Because, really, you can’t have one without the other. 

The sacrifice of Jesus on a cross, all began with a manger. 
I pray that this Christmas you understand God’s gift to you, His Son - in a manger.

Other happenings this week…

 Jaxen spent a lot of time playing with some of his new toys.
I’m actually so glad we decided to do Christmas presents early this year. 
It has really worked out well for our family!

 On Monday, Jaxen and I ran a few errands getting ready for our upcoming trip.
I love this jacket. It was a hand-me-down and is so cute. And the boy isn’t too bad lookin' either!
Even with that goofy grin :)

We didn’t get a Sunday Selfie, so here is a Monday Selfie for you!

Monday night we enjoyed one last fire before our trip.
Nik built a really great fire. It was so warm and cozy.
And…I even roasted a few marshmallows that night in the fire!
Then Jaxen saw me and he ate about 4 marshmallows, straight from the bag.
He is my kid.

Tuesday night we had a Christmas Eve Eve party with our small group. 
One of the families has an indoor pool and told all the dads/kids that they could go swimming. 
Such a treat!

The party was complete with soups, appetizers, desserts…all so very yummy!
And a lot of laughter and happy sighs. 
We even had a small birthday celebration for one of the ladies in our group.

After the kids swam and everyone ate we attempted to get a group picture of the kids.
Jaxen was not cooperative. He wanted to play.
Finally, we got him (and Nik) in the picture!

We had one other boy who was not feeling well.
We talked the mom into the picture as well :)

What a great group of kids - I’m so glad Jaxen has all these little friends!
After we were done taking pictures, we realized the littlest was not in the picture. 
Next time (she is just a few months old and was sleeping)!

This picture is really just to show you the size of that tree - It was huge and beautiful!

It was a late night, but really really fun!

Merry Christmas Eve!

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