Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Jaxen’s Speech - Update

It is very snowy here today! And I love it! I probably love it because I am inside, warm, with a fire going, a Christmas candle lit, surrounded by all my Christmas decorations and kept company by two of my very favorite boys. And yes, I’m fully aware that I sound like a Hallmark Special!

Just so you can get a taste of our weather!


It has been awhile since I have given an update concerning Jaxen’s speech. So this is that update!

His speech has improved.

He can say more words now and does so unprompted at times! Some of his words are: up, down, more, please, no, drink, hi, bye, thank you, phone, show, milk, ball…

Some of the words we are working on is: open, close, yes, tree, chair, blanket, on, off, light… there are many more, but those are the ones we work on multiple times a day.

He does not use words in phrases yet. The only times he puts two words together are: "more please” “thank you” and "I know". And he says “I know” all the time - it is so funny!

Along with working on his actual speech, I have been working with him on listening, obeying and him doing multiple commands (i.e. take off your jacket and put it up).

We have been working on some fine motor skills (which have never been a problem) but I just want him to continue learning (like holding his crayons correctly, stacking things…etc.).

What has been a big encouragement to me in this area is working with one of my friends here, Jenny. Jenny is a very talented lady and has many gifts in teaching. She has offered for Jaxen to come to her house once a week (when it is not snowing and there are not other things planned) and work with him on his speech and other motor skills. I have learned a lot from her - just by watching what she does with Jaxen and how she teaches him. It’s pretty great…she can get him to say and do things I could not before! But after seeing her work with him - and her talking with me about all this - things have been improving!

Even with all that… Nik and I still feel that he could benefit from speech therapy, and so I have started the process of getting Jaxen evaluated again.

Ok…I think that is everything. It’s kind of hard to explain and it is hard for me to see improvement sometimes because I am with him all the time and I forget how far we have actually come since June - but when others point it out, it helps me to see it too.

If you can think of something I might have forgotten to mention or give an update on, please leave a comment and I will answer!

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  1. If you keep a little journal (not a novel) but just a little paragraph of the things you guys work on and any struggles or successes he has, you can always look back on it and physically see the progress. It doesn't have to be detailed but just a little something. It would really help not only you but the SLP if he does end up getting one. Just a thought - Sis!