Thursday, December 18, 2014

Excuses & Youth Party Goodies

I keep meaning to blog… but then a day or two goes by and I realize that I forgot! Lame. I know. My excuse this week is that on Saturday I fell and twisted / sprained my knee. It has been pretty painful and by the time night comes, all I want to do is get off my feet! So - there you go. I will try to do better. On with my post…

Wednesday night was our Youth Christmas Party!

From what we have heard about the past Christmas Parties…this one was a bit different. We hoped that different would still be good. And I think it was.

Nik put together (which he has done for many years now) a Video Scavenger Hunt!

And then, of course, everyone gathers at our house to watch the videos and eat goodies.

For the past few years, I have taken pictures and shared what I served. Let me tell you…I think that is more for me than you! Ha Ha. Every year, when it comes time for this party, I look back and see what I have done in years past. After a few years of making goodies, I learned what would go over well with our teen group and what did not.

This year was all fresh people. I had no idea. So this is what I made: Peppermint Cookies, Peanut Clusters, Red Velvet Cookies, Reindeer Pretzels, Christmas Trash and Christmas Ritz Crackers. I also made Christmas Punch, Wassail, and served German Chocolate Cake Coffee.

And here are some pictures in case you are interested!

The Before: everything I bought at the store to make the goods!

The After!

And the drink stations:

A few other pictures I took:

This is where I would insert a picture of our great group…

But I did not take one!

Remember, bum knee. Plus there were a lot of people in our house and it took a long time to watch all the videos - therefore the party ended late. Bummer. I know.

I’ll just say - It was a really fun night! We are happy to be here, working with this group of teens and getting to know their families. Great people!


  1. Your goodies look awesome! I saw where you pinned the Wassail - what is it? And was it good? And I LOVE your card holders. They look awesome with cards on them!

    1. I never responded to sorry! Wassail is a hot drink that has fruits and spices in it. Delicious!