Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1

It's a Monday. But it's also the first day of December. And the last month of this year... Hello December!

What a great day, huh?

I know that there is nothing really special about this day - but it just makes me happy to know that December is here! I tried to do something special to commemorate this day…but it was a fail! Guess what it was? I thought it would be fun to have a Family Christmas Movie Night. Sounds fun, right? I even picked my favorite Christmas movie…Elf. But halfway through we turned it off. Jaxen was totally not into it and I think Nik was only watching it to humor me. Sweet man. I decided that our next Family Christmas Movie Night would need to be an animated movie that Jaxen might like. And I’ll save Elf for myself another day!

But I did make pie…a chocolate-chip-cookie-dough-pie to be exact!

This is pre-baking…but doesn’t it look fantastic?! 

So now that December is finally here, I can look forward to:

Christmas Cards
Celebrating Advent each week
Visiting Family
Cookie Exchange Party
Ladies Advent Tea
Christmas Parties
Wrapping Presents
Christmas Trees and Decorations
Jaxen Opening Presents
Christmas Movies
Making Ornaments
Lots of Fires and Cozy Nights!

Jaxen even wore a Christmas shirt in honor of the first day of December.

Happy December, everyone! I hope this month is full of great things for you!

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