Friday, December 19, 2014

Pictures From My Phone

Every now and then I go through the pictures on my phone and delete all the “accidental” ones Jaxen has kindly taken for me. Then I see pictures that I have not yet posted on the blog. That is what this post is. Pictures from my phone, not yet on the blog! Clever post, huh?!

It snowed last week! Here are a few pics...

Icicles from our bathroom window. It’s hard to tell, but they were really big!

Jaxen cracked me up when he insisted on having his sippy cup in the tub with him.

This boy is a stinker. Don’t let that face fool you!

And he is an entertainer!

Where’s Jaxen?! (in the white bin, under the blanket)

While waiting to get his haircut - this little waterfall entertained him!
He could see his reflection and it was so funny watching all his funny faces :)

And yes, I bribed him with taffy to sit in the chair all by himself. He did great!

Jaxen gave us a concert today. He is belting it out!

Nik and Jaxen love to run at each other and tackle. This is their “ready” stance.

This is them running at me!

“Ready” stance. 

Go get momma!

That’s all folks! 
It’s almost Christmas…!

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