Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas Decorations Home Tour

I decorated for Christmas on November 15th….!

I made myself wait until now to do a “Christmas Tour”. Mainly because my mom and sister had a fit that my Christmas Decorations went up before Thanksgiving. But now it is December and socially acceptable to be decorated for Christmas! So here is my “Christmas Home Tour”.

Living Room

 Our Christmas Tree

We purchased this new tree after Christmas last year (I had been using garage-saled trees for the past 11 years and they finally fell apart. Literally fell apart. Limbs coming off and everything). So Nik purchased this beautiful tree for me! One problem…it is 9 feet tall. Our home in Texas had 12 foot ceilings, so not a problem. This home has somewhere close to 9 foot ceilings. In order to get this tree to work, I had to bend the top branch all the way down - so no room for a tree topper! But I made it work with a bow made out of ribbon. 

By the tree I have a little Santa Clause

The other side of the tree is a reading basket and some of Jaxen’s stuffed animals in his rocker.

On our trunk I have some snowmen, a Christmas printable, and a wall hanging

Jaxen’s Play Room

He has a little tree in his room too - 
on it we will hang the Jesse Tree Christmas Ornaments

 And he has his little snowman-drummer - he loves it!

Our Sitting Room

On our mantel I have a lit tree, stockings and our beautiful nativity

Our bookshelves have a village set, pictures and a jar of ornaments

Our door going upstairs has a cute little “Noel” hanging from it


I have an iron tree that was given to me - I love it!

And a fresh pine wreath - it is beautiful and smells so good

Dining Room

This is Jaxen’s Activity Bench

I found a great way to hang cards - wrap foam board in Christmas paper and put your cards on it.
It looks a little slim right now…I’m waiting on Christmas Cards (hint hint)!!

And a few little baskets to keep me organized


Lit garland on our big window

A saying from one of my favorite movies - makes me smile while I cook!

Christmas candle and picture

Above my sink

A cute little Christmas tree (don’t you like my red and green apples?!)

And a snowman cookie jar

And that’s all for our home Christmas Tour! 

No - I don’t decorate bathrooms or bedrooms - I think Nik might shoot me if I did! Ha Ha.

Oh, and we were supposed to decorate outside (I have all the stuff even) 
but we don’t have a power outlet! Bummer, huh?

I hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit of our house this Christmas Season.
I know I love seeing everyone else’s decorations (hint hint - if you blog!). 

Merry Christmas!


  1. I absolutely love it! I like that you even change pictures and hang stuff on the walls. You have such an eye for detail! I wish I could see it in person. I absolutely love your new tree. The ribbon was the perfect touch! I think it looks classic and I had a laugh imagining you on a ladder to decorate the top! Ha!

    1. Thanks! I really liked the way everything turned out. And decorating the top was quite challenging! Every time I decorate a tree I always remember us decorating our tree at home…good good memories!