Tuesday, December 3, 2013

We're Back!

Okay. We are back! I know it has been awhile since I have updated the blog....

Jaxen (along with Nik and I) spent his second Thanksgiving at his Mamaw Kay and Papaw Russell’s. We not only saw them but also Nik's brother and wife and some extended family! I was really bad (again) at taking pictures of Jaxen with the family…but I did manage to get these few...

I don't know that he actually even ate Thanksgiving food :) He was not eating like his normal self and napped all through lunch (which I was kind of thankful for, so I could eat my yummy food! That's probably wrong, I know). He was up the night before coughing and just did not get much sleep. The picture below is not from Thanksgiving day…but you get the idea...

Overall, we had a great time! It was so relaxing and fun just to hang out. Nik and I did get a chance to do some “Black Friday” shopping, on Thursday, where we scored some pretty good stuff! And we had a date night with Chris and Kylee on Friday. Date nights are always appreciated! And I think Jaxen had so much fun hanging out with his family way past his bedtime, eating m&m’s! I am always so glad when he gets the opportunity to bond with any of his family that he does not get a chance to see real often.

And he got to play in some leaves. The good, big kind of leaves...He loved throwing them in the air!

While he played, the boys had to work! Nik and his brother were kind enough to help their dad pull up lots of shrubs and load them on the trailer. Have to work off that yummy Thanksgiving food somehow…!

We even celebrated Christmas and exchanged gifts while there.  Jaxen received some great gifts and loved them! He got some toys, movies and clothes.

Thanksgiving 2013 was filled with lots of good family time, great food and we even got some rest in there! I am so thankful for our families. They are absolutely wonderful!

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