Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Random Post

Today you get a random post. It has been awhile since I have done one of these!

1. It has been cold here lately. And I love it! The cold weather is such a refreshing break from the sweltering heat that Central Texas normally has!  And everyone here is complaining. Not me, though! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! So does Jaxen....can't you tell?!

I made him wear this hat the other day. Because he is just too cute in it....and because he is almost to the age where I can't distract him and make him forget that their is this weird object on his head - ha! 

Pictures before Mothers Day Out on Tuesday:

2. Christmas Parties galore. We had/have 7 parties in 8 days! And at least one more next week. I thought I would take pictures and document them all for you...but that did not happen! Just take my word - they were fun and we looked cute! Ha!

3. Today Jaxen is 18 months and he shares a 1/2 Birthday with Scotty! Happy Birthday Scotty....I won't share how old you are on here :)

4. Wrapping / Christmas Cards - that is the theme for the next couple of days. I finally started wrapping a few presents last night (I just had to start somewhere and get a handle on it). I won't know if I am done shopping or not until I (first) find everything I have purchased and (second) wrap it all up. I think I am almost done...probably just about 2-4 more gifts (I'm guessing) that need to be purchased. I hope to deliver gifts and hand out Christmas cards (to those who live here) the first of next week.

5. And Baking. I have much to bake for the weekend...and I hope to bake a bit extra and deliver some Christmas goodies to others. I have already made “Reindeer Pretzels” and “Christmas Bark”.

6. Church Update - This Sunday is our pastor's last Sunday here. Nik will be preaching the following Sunday, December 22, and he is the pastor in charge of our Christmas Eve Services. After that...we are not exactly sure what will happen. A few meetings will take place in the next week or so to try to work out some of the details during this interim period. Please continue to be in prayer for our church, our board and for Nik during this transition time.

7. We took family pictures a long time ago. You will see them one day on this blog.

And I guess I will end on the number 7. Sounds good to me.

Merry Christmas Everybody!!!!!
 I'm trying to teach Jaxen how to say it.
Not. Happening.

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