Friday, December 13, 2013

Mothers Day Out Christmas Party

Thursday Jaxen had a Christmas party at his Mothers Day Out (MDO). The parents were invited if they wanted to come...of course I did!

I dressed Jaxen in his Christmas shirt that morning, wrapped his gift and off he went. Such a big boy!

They were having a 'book exchange' for Christmas. This is Jaxen when he got his gift. He was really excited but it was kind of hard to caputre it all on the camera...

Unwrapping it (he was trying to hand me the paper he pulled off)...

He finally got it unwrapped and saw it was a book!

And then he sat down for a little reading...

Until he saw everyone else heading over for cookies. Then he was all "forget this book...give me the sugar!" And procedded to eat 2 cookies!

I know I have stated this before...but I am so thankful for this MDO. Jaxen is learning a lot. And he really enjoys going. His teachers are the best. They are so sweet and patient and kind.

Ms. Andrea and Ms. Linda gave Jaxen a gift yesterday after the party and he also brought home an ornament that he made. Treasures!

Jaxen brings home some sort of painting at least once a week. I love them. Sometimes they have one paint streak on them and then other times...its full of color! Like the one below. I want to frame this and pull it out every Christmas! I love it!

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