Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Break

This weekend Nik and I took a break from life.

Or I guess I should say, a break from Jaxen! Ha. 

Friday afternoon we dropped him off at our favorite babysitters and hit the road to San Antonio. CHILDLESS. Can you even imagine how weird that was? A road trip, an overnight stay without our 18 month old! 

One word. EASY. And fabulous. Two words, I guess. 

Easy because we did not have to stop for a diaper change, and only stop at a clean facility that has changing tables (or change a dirty diaper in the front seat of our car), we did not have to eat at places that had kid friendly food, or a play area, or carry all that luggage that you have to tote around everywhere, or worry about fussy behavior in a hotel, or wake up and have to watch cartoons....I think you get the idea! 

And it was fabulous because I got to spend 26 uninterrupted hours with my husband. That is the first time we have done that since Jaxen was born. It was really nice to have conversations that did not get interrupted. To be able to focus on each other and not have anyone come in between that time who needed our attention more. 

The reason this all happened is because the annual pastors Christmas party was held on Friday night in San Antonio. We normally attend, and then drive home afterwards. But this year, Nik had some points for a free hotel stay and so we took advantage of it! 

We had a wonderful time at the party. We saw many friends from around south Texas and enjoyed the company of the Beaumont staff (where we did our summer mission trip) during dinner. 

We stayed out late, went to bed late and slept in. In fact, we didn't even get out of bed this morning until we had to, due to check out time. 

It was so relaxing. But I did miss Jaxen. So often I found myself saying to Nik.... "If we had Jaxen... I wish Jaxen could see...." 

But he was in good hands....

I did not take many pictures while we were gone because I didn't take my camera, and niks storage on his phone is full. But I did capture these....

I made hot cocoa before we left. It was super cold and nothing says winter road trip like hot cocoa with a ton of marshmallows on top!!!

This is a photo of Nik and I before we went to our party. It's yellow.  Weird lighting. I kept telling Nik that I looked so tan every time I looked in a mirror in the room. And I'm not tan at all. More of a pasty white. Most people think I'm sick because that is how much I am lacking color! That was a trail that probably no one cared to read. Oh well. Here is the yellow pic. 

And that sums up our break! Time for bed. Taking a break is tiring :)

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  1. So glad you both got to enjoy some time alone. It is very important. I'm sure Jax enjoyed the break too. Love you both. Merry Christmas