Tuesday, November 26, 2013

On the Mend

We took Jaxen to the doctor today and he just has whatever is going around right now. It needs time to work through his system, I guess. His lungs and ears are clear, which is always good. We can give him medicine for his fever and the doctor did give us medicine for the drainage that is coming from his eyes. Better known as “eye boogies”. But he is hanging in there and doing okay.

At the doctor’s today. 
In his hospital gown, eating crackers.

After his appointment, we went to get his hair cut. This was the first time he sat in the “big boy” chair all by himself. He is so big and it just made my heart hurt a little!

Ms. Jade and Jaxen

That is all I have for you tonight! I am busy wrapping everything up so we can enjoy the next few days with family.



  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Carla!! WE love you and the family!!

  2. Poor baby. It is so hard when they are sick. Hope he is feeling better very soon!!!