Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Every year we host the youth Christmas Party at our house. It is such a fun time!

Nik divides them into teams and sends them out on a video scavenger hunt. The stuff these teens come up with…amazes me! They are so creative and funny!

A group picture

All the goodies afterward
Spicy crackers, reindeer pretzels, buckeyes, sausage balls,
frosted and unfrosted sugar cookies, meatballs, 
christmas bark and chocolate peppermint cookies

Today, I delivered all the ‘leftovers’ (I made tons) to our church staff, my work-church and a couple of other people in the community! The goodies were yummy!


Last night we went with our neighbors to Austin for the Zilker Parks Light Show-Thing. I’m not sure the exact name of it. It does not matter. What matters is how much fun we had! And how cool the lights were!

They had different themed lighted scenes throughout the park. They also had food vendors and bands and Santa and Santa’s Workshop. It was really cool. This was our absolute favorite tree -

Jaxen did not want to ride in his stroller. His wanted Kris to hold him the whole time!

It’s hard to see in detail, but you can kind of see one of the scenes below.

They had a lot of tunnels lit up through the park. They were really neat, except that it made me dizzy to look up at them!

A family picture! 

Quention and Kris!

We had such a fun night, walking around and looking at lights!

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